Google map of a glider flight

Here is a map of flight I had yesterday. The red balloon shows the launch point at Saltby. If you zoom in you can see gliders and cars on the ground at the opposite end of the runway (the aerial pictures were taken on another day of course, when the wind was from the other direction).

The track starts off heading East with a series of wide arcs made by the tug as he used a thermal on the way up. After releasing the rope I went straight into a 4kt thermal (rising at 400 feet a minute) to 5000′ and after a bit of dithering I set off North towards Bottesford.

50 minutes later I had to bring the glider back for somebody else to fly and opened the air brakes to throw away the height, the whole sky was going up!

The GPS data was recorded by my Forerunner GPS, normally used for running. I downloaded the XML file to a PC and then used GPSVisualizer to split it into different tracks and also to generate the Javascript to show the map.

Thanks to Weather Jack for forecasting the good weather and to the people at the Buckminister Gliding Club who make it all work.


Guess what the piece of string is for?

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