About Me

I am based in Nottingham and design and build web applications to solve practical business problems.

Usually this means creating a SQL database with MySQL or Postgres, writing tests and server side code in Ruby on Rails or Java, defining a RESTful interface and then coding the front end in Angular JS, Bootstrap and CSS.

Test Driven Development
Agile methods
Ruby Meta Programming
Knitting existing frameworks together
Ruby on Rails
Angular JS
Technical Project Management
Pivotal Issue Tracking and stories
Git for version control, github, gitosis
EC2 cloud servers, Amazon S3 and Route 58 DNS
Apache, Passenger, Unicorn and Tomcat
Java Web Applications
Java, JSPs, Servlets, Hibernate, Spring
Expression Engine
C and C++
Capistrano for deployment to server
CSS, Bootstrap
RESTful interfaces
Javascript and JQuery
Shell scripts
Any Unix
MySQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Postgres
the C and C++ languages
Balsamiq mock ups

I use git and github to manage code. Apps are deployed to Heroku, Amazon EC2 instances and as Amazon S3 static sites.

For instance, the Business Safety Net is a service to help Health and Safety consultancies track the risks of their client businesses.

I spent a lot of time on contracts using C / C++ and Java. This broad background helps when it comes to choosing the right tool for the job.

Guy Roberts MSc MBA